Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Houston, we have a problem!

Well, I believe things tend to go in cycles.

(Problem #1)
A few days ago at work, we moved downstairs. One thing about moving downstairs is we now have carpet and are on the route of the costodians. Which is cool, now I don't have to empty my own trash, which was mostly filled with used teabags.

Except, the second day downstairs I arrived to find my headphone cable wrapped around the wheel of my chair. After I unwound it, they were dead (Jim!). No big deal, except my day is loooooonnnnnnnggggg without aid of an audiobook or podcast. I played jazz low on my speakers, but it wasn't the same.

(Problem #2)
Last Thursday evening, the night before leaving for Nawlins, I was trying to download a podcast onto my phone. My pc locked up and when I restarted it, it rean really slow. I monkeyed with it until 1 am (we were getting up at 3am) and finally gave up in exhaustion.

(Problem #3)
Monday morning, after coming home, Michelle woke me up with the dreaded phrase: Well, it seems we have a problem!

Now this could be anything from whiskers in the sink to the roof is on fire, either way it's not good.

Yesterday, this signaled a leak in the waterbed. This is very bad as our waterbed is upstairs and this could be a huge disaster.

Sometimes it seems like everything is going wrong!

Well, Michelle talked to Dell and the figured out it was the hardrive. So I've installed and new one. And she got a new mattress, which we've put on the bed. And tonight, I picked up new headphones.

One thing I've learned is sometimes you gotta roll with these things. And some times thes things work out better.

The new hard drive was a 320 gb on sale. It cost me $80, but it's much bigger then my old one. And I seem to be mostly working, I just have some kinks to work out.

The mattress cost $35, but we got it installed just in time. Last night, the bed was still pretty cold, but our house was pretty warm. Tonight, it's turning cold and the bed should be fully warmed up by the time the weather turns. If it'd happened a day later, we'd have been sleeping on the floor!

My headphones cost $14, but my new ones were black, instead of white. And they came with a nifty zipper pouch, so I'll bring them home with me.

I guess the moral of this is sometimes things are gonna break and bad things are gonna happen. But the best thing you can do it to keep on going, fix the problem and make the best of it.

And who knows, you may end up with a bigger harddrive; you may even end up with a nifty zipper bag!

I should have posted about Nawlins. It was awesome. I'll post about it next time!

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