Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ink Test

One thing I want to do on The Big Easy Score, is to do all the inks with traditional tools, ie nib pens and brush. I feel the tactile feeling of dragging a nib across the page will add to the 'earthy' feeling of the art and convey the grittyness of New Orleans.

Since I haven't inked anything with traditional tools in years I decided i better break out some ink and brushes and practice.

I'm glad I did as most of my tools were dried up or rusted. Still I had enough to ink this panel. My hatching is rusty (each corner is different) but for the most part I like this and cannot wait to get started inking on the real pages!


Tijmen said...

Your style of drawing reminds me of Milo Manara - which you should take as a compliment

Scott Sackett said...

Thanks, I do take that as a compliment!