Sunday, January 20, 2019

Pencil preview of Heaven's Rejects issue two

Here are the first 6 pages of pencils for issue two of Heaven's Rejects. If you missed issue one Heaven's Rejects is the story of 3 angels who get kicked out of heaven and wind up on Earth fighting evil. In issue one, they were forced to sign up working for an organization ran by a demon.
Issue two starts with the angels fighting a demon space toad...

After they wind up back on earth, the regroup at the office of Harold Angel, their handler on earth, until Sunny, their demonic boss shows up with their next assignment, to kill Brad, a Jersey Devil.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of issue two of Heaven's Rejects. Feel free to comment or drop me a note at

Heaven's Rejects is a 4 issue miniseries coming soon. We have a publishing deal, but it can't be shared yet.

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