Tuesday, September 18, 2007

House of Pain

Where I work. My desk is in the center , behind the fan.

Speaking of work, today at break there were a bunch of emergency vehicles in front of the other building.

A lady in the other building stopped breathing. A co-worker administered CPR and saved her life. They think she may have had a heart attack, passed out and hit her head.

Not trying to make light of her situation, but this is a reminder that we never know how much time we have. I doubt she left for work thinking she would end up in such dire straights.

As a Christian, I would urge you to consider this in a spritual light. However even if you have no spiritual beliefs, you should still consider the fact that the end can come sudden. Life is very precious. Are you spending it well? Are there unsettled issues in your life?


D. L. Nelson said...

Hey Dude,
Sweet post.


Scott Sackett said...

I kinda felt funny posting about the girl at my work, especially since I didn't know her or her condition when I posted.

Today, I found out she had a heart attack and they are doing testing to determine the amount of damage to her heart.

Hopefully the damage will be minimal and she will make a full recovery!