Monday, September 03, 2007

More life drawing

My weekly life drawing sessions are through the Oklahom Art Guild. The guild rents a building on the Oklahoma fairgrounds. Since the fair is in September, the guild cannot use their 'headquarters' during sept.

So for september there is no figure drawing classes. This will give me time to work on my Structure of Man lessons.

Meanwhile here are some more life drawings.
At one point I left the room during the session. As I was leaving, a lady asked me if she could look at my sketchpad. When I came back, about half the group was gathered around my pad, raving about my art.
I hadn't really show the other artists too much of my work. They are all either Fine Artists or Art instructors, I don't really feel I'm in the same boat as them. Plus, it's not like I'm going to hold out my pad and say "Look at this!"
Maybe I should because I was pretty stoked that everybody liked my art!
I am reading a book "Talent is Never Enough" and the first chapter is about belief in yourself.
I can feel my confidence growing daily!

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