Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Famous Artists School Exercise

Recently I bought the 3 book set of the Famous Artist School books off of EBay. This is the old (mine is 1960)correspondence school with the ads that have you draw the parrot and send it in.

I've worked on some of the projects in my sketchbook, but this is the first one I've really sat down and spent several days working on the lesson.

The lesson was on drawing textures and patterns. The assignment was to duplicate a photo with an emphasis on the textures and patterns.
I wanted to take my time on this lesson because I feel this is one (of many) areas where my skills are lacking.
My goal with these lessons is to deconstruct my drawing skills, to go back to square on. I am, for the time being, forgetting about comics and focusing solely on my drawing skills.

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D. L. Nelson said...

Hey dude nice inking try-outs. I really like the guy in the liquid. On the tarzan guy and the lady with the fabric, I think their heads look kind of small for their frames. Or is this your style? Keep up the good work.