Monday, January 01, 2007

iMac Pencil

One of the cool things about being an artist is getting buy buy all the cool supplies. I love going to office supply stores and have since I was a kid.

This weekend I picked up this:
It's a Pentel Papermate Clearpoint mechanical pencil. I love this pencil! It's got that first generation iMac clear look. The barrel is clear so I can what is going on inside it. Best of all it works good. The grip is grippy so I can hold it looser; I tend to put my pencils in a deathgrip. And its got a big eraser. I've never used a 'sidebutton' pencil, but I'm liking it more then the 'top push' style! Only downside is I think it only comes in 0.5 & 0.7, no 0.9.

When it seems like everything is getting cheaper and cheaper made, it's nice to find something new that is this cool!

Now if they made it in Blueberry!

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