Friday, January 05, 2007

My Studio

I was scanning through some photos on my computer and came across this photo of my studio.

Typically, my studio is the messyest room in the house. Too much comics, books, paper, etc. and too little time.

The theory is if you keep your workspace neat, know where evrything is and never look for anything.

And I believe that, I even keep my pencils in the same place all the time.

But the problem is all the 'other stuff' that seems to pile up.

Of course it dosen't help that I feel the only time I am in my studio is when I am drawing. It's not an office or a study or a 'spare bedroom' (thankfuly!)

One day I'll keep it clean and spend my evenings sorting and throwing stuff away.

But for now, I'll let other guys trying to break into comics spend their time cleaning. I prefer to spend my limited spare time drawing!

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