Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Artists I like #1: Oliver Vatine

Hopefully this is the first of several posts about various artists I like and why I like them. The goal is to get me thinking about why I like these guys (and girls) and how I can channel that into my artwork!

Also, maybe this will expose you to some artists you've never heard of.

Oliver Vatine
I first heard of Oliver when Skottie Young mentioned him in a seminar at Wizard World Texas. He's a European artist and kind of elusive in America.

Pink Planet (left) is a collection of Oliver Vatine's art. I picked up mine from Bud Plant at SDCC and noticed they sold out the first day.

Several years ago I first saw Mobieus and thought he was pretty cool. Later I saw Geof Darrow and saw him as kind of the evolution of that European Style (yes, I know Geof is from Iowa!) Next I saw Frank Quitely ans kind of another step.

I'm not sure where to put Vatine. I can see the clean style, but with an infusion of animation or maybe even some anime. I really like Vatine!

I'm not sure how this would impact my own work. I wouldn't want to copy him 100%, he's a little too cartoony (that is his figures are too 'deformed') for me to copy. However, I like the cleaness and energy of his figures. His machines are pretty cool.

One thing I am learning is that making your art appealling looking is more important then trying to make it realistic!

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