Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wichita Kansas

This week Michelle was on vacation, so I took off on Thursday and we drove up to Wichita, Kansas to see her grandparents.

There is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Wichita and it's open to the public (for a price!) if you make arrangements in advance. I've wanted to see this for several years, but it's never worked out. This time it worked!

The house was pretty amazing! I have seen pictures of a lot of FLW's houses, but to actually go inside one was really cool! He was really a master of proportion and composition.

I have a theory that all visual art is related and it's just a matter of figuring pleasing composition and proportions.

Neal Adams says he can tell if somebody could be a good comicbook artist just by talking to somebody and if they can tell an entertaining story, they could draw an entertaining comic.

I guess that gives b=me hope since everybody agrees I can tell an entertaining story!

Either way, if you are in Wichita check out the Frank LLoyd Wright house.

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