Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Starting regular posting (hopefully!)

Well I'm hoping to to start posting to this regularly. I just got back from the SanDiego Comic-con. It was pretty cool. I was hoping that I would get better response to my portfolio, but I think I still have some thing I need to work on. BasicallyI need to work on gestures and proportions of my figures. However most impotantly I think I need to develope a 'style'. I've always resisited this because I always felt I should just draw and it will take care of itself. ANd the problem with creating a style is you can't just sit down and say 'hey, I'm going to develope a style'.

But that's what I'm trying to do! Actually, I have been looking at artists I like and trying to figure out why I like them. I can honestly say if a genie appeared and said 'I will give you the ability to draw like any one artist' I couldn't pick just one!

I like bits and pieces of a lot of artists and sometime I like the artists, but when I look at thier work, I find I like what I remember better then the actual art!

This should make it easier to develope a style, if I can just figure all this out and create a system!

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