Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Drawing

While I was at Disney World I did this drawing of Tokyo. I bought a large Moleskin reporter sketchbook before we left. I had seen a webpage with some guy's vacation photos of Tokyo.

That inspired this drawing. I carried the moleskin around with me and drew this drawing in bits and pieces whereever I happened to be waiting. Resturaunts, bus lines, airports, wherever.

The thing I always run into while I'm drawing in public is people want to talk to me and look at my sketchbook. I don't like just handing someone my sketchbook to leaf through because I like to experiment in mine and there are a lot bad drawings, missteps and half finished sketches. I think this is important to have a place to experiment and attempt to grow. If I thought people were going to see every page I would freeze up.

I'm not drawing pin-ups, it's a sketchbook!

I'm not sure why drawing in public always attracts such attention. If I saw a guy working on a PowerPoint presentation at an airport I wouldn't slide up to him, ask him if he was a salesman, ask to look at his laptop and tell him how great of a salesman my cousin is.

But that's the kind of thing that happens to me all the time.

I guess the whole idea of actually being an artist seems kind of exotic, but I don't understand that. I guse the fact I grew up with an older cousin who is an artist and seeing him work on stuff at Grandma's kind of makes it seem normal. My family has always been 'creative' with artists and musicians in the family.

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