Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Studio 4c stuff

Another Studio 4c clip I found on youtube. This seems to be a trailer of multiple projects. The striking thing to me is the variety of art styles represented. Extremely cool and very inspiring.

Nelson goes under the knife!!!

My good buddy and writer of my webcomic, Dave 'D.L.' Nelson, had surgury today to correct a deviated septum.

I've talked to him and the surgury went well. We figure he will survive.

Give Dave a shout-out at heydlnelson@gmail.com

The best part is maybe this will fix his snoring in time for the Kansas City con and I'll actually get some sleep at a con for once!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Studio 4c Kung Fu Love

I was poking around on Youtube and I found this.

The description says its a promo short for a proposed full length feature. This looks really amazing. When I was in art college one of the instructors brought a bootleg video of 'Akira' just to show the class.

It really blew me away, I had never seen anything like that.

The same instructor worked at a local comic shop and pointed me to the old Epic Mobeuis books.

Thanks to the internet the world gets smaller and smaller!

More Monster Hunters!

Just sent the next page to the writer. I was pretty happy with this page. I picked up some new pencils and we all know it depends on the type of pencils you use...