Saturday, August 25, 2007


I've been meaning to upload this ever since the Chicago Comic Con. It seems writer D.L. "They'll Never take Me Alive" Nelson wasn't too familar with the rule for flying during the War on Terror.
Just remember kiddies, when a guy in uniform pulls on rubber gloves, RUN!
Also remember: It is illegal to photograph a TSA Security checkpoint!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Anatomy Lessons

I am going through the video series "The Structure of Man". I am very optimistic that this is helping me. There are 227 videos in the series. It works out to 43 hours, which may sound like a lot, but based on the response I got in Chicago, if it helps me improve my anatomy it will be time well spent.

After all, I had been told if I could improve my anatomy I would get work in comics. That is a strong incintive to plow through the videos!

I'm not sure I will post ALL the videos, but this should give you an idea what they start out like.

You can check out the videos here:

Friday, August 17, 2007

August 14 Life Drawing session

After having the Marvel editor tell me to work on my anatomy and CB tell me I should post more art on my blog I decided I would combine the two and post work from my Tuesday night figure drawing sessions.

The sessions are for members of the Oklahoma Art Guild and held at the City Arts Center on the fair grounds (in case anybody is in the Okc area reads this and wants to attend.)

I had been going pretty regular for awhile, but I always get sidetracked with something. This time it was finishing up the Daredevil pages for Chicago.

For what it's worth, the first few are done with charcoal and the last with a 6b Staedler -Mars pencil. I like working with charcoal because it forces me to 'think big' rather then get stuck on the details.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Thrill of Victory...

Making the cut for Marvel's portfolio review at the Chicago convention.

The Agony of Defeat...

Finishing the review with the editor telling you he's not going back to the office and sending you work.

Seriously, it was super cool just getting to talk to an editor. Out of several hundred portfolios dropped off, mine was one of several dozen chosen to be reviewed. Great thing is I made contact with a Marvel editor, as the last two I met have quit Marvel. Okay, one has come back as 'talent cordinater' still always nice to meet someone new. Best of all he gave me solid, understandable advice.

Daredevil pages for Chicago