Monday, October 12, 2009


Here's some stuff from my sketchbook.

I have been attending figure drawing sessions at the art guild so when I look at these pages all I see are problems.

Plus on the drive to Colorado it was too bumpy to draw so I spent a lot of time studying Bridgeman.

These sketches are full of proportion problems and I seem to be consistently drawing my necks too thin.

However, I know the only way to get better is to keep drawing and I am encouraged by the fact that I find it easier and easier to spot flaws in my own work.

Big Texan!

My wife and I had to travel to Colorado the weekend for her Grandmother's funeral. Always trying to turn lemons into lemonade, we decided to stop at the Big Texan on the way.

The Big Texan is hard to miss. If you don't see the big sign or the yellow building, you can't miss the big cow!

It's off I-40, right outside Amarillo, Texas. Michelle grew up in Amarillo, but she'd never been to the Big Texan. I've always wanted to go, but everytime we go to Amarillo it always on somebody elses time.

When we told her family we had stopped there, they kind of scoffed about stopping at a tourist trap, but to be honest I thought it was kind of cool.

The Big Texan's claim to fame is a FREE 72 oz steak. IF you eat it in an hour, with all the sides. While we were there these two brave souls were giving it a shot.

I had a much more modest 8oz strip steak. It was still pretty good.

Plus, it came with chili as a side! Only in Texas!

However for me, the really cool thing about The Big Texan was the atmosphere. It was done in kind of a '60s cowboy decor, with lots of animal heads and kitsch. If you are ever traveling thru the Texas panhandle, I highly recommend you give a try. And if you have an appetite, you might even try you hand at the 72 oz challenge!