Sunday, January 14, 2007


We're going on vacation!

Michelle and I have been to Disney World 8 or 9 times. We haven't been in a couple of years and Michelle wanted to go again. We planned this trip in a rush, but I think it's gonna be one of the best. We're staying on the edge of Disney property and I think it's gonna be cool. There's a 7-11 near our hotel!

I know it's hip to be down on Disney, believe me, I seen the down side, but what I love is the care they put into everything. I look around and see all the artistry that goes into everything and it really inspires me.

Friday, January 05, 2007

What I'm listening to...

Art of Concentration
Meditative Music Designed to Enhance Focus

I picked this up at Target. I've seen these kinda things for a while now and I've wondered if they do anything.

I think it's better then listening to some stuff while you're trying to draw. They claim there are hidden harmonics that add your focus and concentration.

I don't know if it helps you, but I don't think it hurts you.

I've tryed to find music that i can listen to while I draw; stuff that won't distract me, but will help mask distracting noises.

Some classical and jazz seem to work. I like some of the Brian Eno ambient stuff, epsecially 'On Land'. I've got a few of those 'ambient' CDs with rain and jungle noises, that sort of thing.

I would LOVE to find a CD with 'urban' sounds like they play in the NYC backlot at Universal Studios (e-mail me if you know of one!) You know trucks, buses, that sort of thing.

I found a guy online who had mp3s he had made of 'Arcade Noises'. That is very distracting, but very cool!

My Studio

I was scanning through some photos on my computer and came across this photo of my studio.

Typically, my studio is the messyest room in the house. Too much comics, books, paper, etc. and too little time.

The theory is if you keep your workspace neat, know where evrything is and never look for anything.

And I believe that, I even keep my pencils in the same place all the time.

But the problem is all the 'other stuff' that seems to pile up.

Of course it dosen't help that I feel the only time I am in my studio is when I am drawing. It's not an office or a study or a 'spare bedroom' (thankfuly!)

One day I'll keep it clean and spend my evenings sorting and throwing stuff away.

But for now, I'll let other guys trying to break into comics spend their time cleaning. I prefer to spend my limited spare time drawing!

Monday, January 01, 2007

iMac Pencil

One of the cool things about being an artist is getting buy buy all the cool supplies. I love going to office supply stores and have since I was a kid.

This weekend I picked up this:
It's a Pentel Papermate Clearpoint mechanical pencil. I love this pencil! It's got that first generation iMac clear look. The barrel is clear so I can what is going on inside it. Best of all it works good. The grip is grippy so I can hold it looser; I tend to put my pencils in a deathgrip. And its got a big eraser. I've never used a 'sidebutton' pencil, but I'm liking it more then the 'top push' style! Only downside is I think it only comes in 0.5 & 0.7, no 0.9.

When it seems like everything is getting cheaper and cheaper made, it's nice to find something new that is this cool!

Now if they made it in Blueberry!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year with a communion service at the church. There was a brief moment of terror when I thought there wasn't enough supplies (I was responsible for putting them out!) but we were okay.

This was a time of reflection about the past year. Overall 2006 was pretty good. I could list all the amazing things that I saw and did this year, but they might not seem as cool to you!

I would be tempted to obsess on the shortcomings, only looking at the things I didn't acomplish.

But the blame for any failures is only my fault, not from lack of trying, but from aiming too high.

See, I have this theory that if you are reaching all your goals, you aren't setting your goals high enough.

Conversly, if you are always falling just short, your goals are just high enough. Thus, you are always doomed to failure. This is a tall task and can be very demoralizing!

Like a wise man once said "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"!

And may God bless you this new year!