Sunday, June 24, 2007

24 Hour comic

I did a 24 hour comic this weekend. Here's some pages:

My story was about Houdini being recruited by the government to find Tesla before his kidnappers force him to build a 'Tesla Death Ray' for them.
My impressions of the whole thing:
First, I figured I'd be wiped out after this. Actually I recovered pretty quick. This makes me want to do it again, knowing it won't kill me.
I was pretty happy with my story. Most pages I finished, with no idea what I was going to draw on the next page. The first step to every page was me going "what is going to happen on this page".
I really enjoyed working without a net.
I don't feel I did my best with the art. I wish I had 'practiced' drawing in hour chunks beforehand, so I had a better feel how much I could draw in an hour. That might help me do a better job on the art. Also, I'd use a softer pencil. Oh, and I'd practice my lettering so I got a better feel for how big to make it.
I will NOT be sending this art to editors to try and get work!
However, I have been trying to work a little looser. I think 24 pages of SHEER loose, may drift over into my 'regular' work!
Did I enjoy it? NO! I was very sore when I got done! My thumb is still sore.
Will I do it again? Absolutely!