Monday, November 09, 2009

Figure Drawing Workshop

This weekend I attended the Figure Drawing Crash Course at The Society of Figurative Art (TSOFA) in Dallas.

It started Saturday at 9:30, so I left early.

Some people questioned why I would drive to dallas to go to a class, but when I got there I was suprised to find, of the people not from the Dallas area, I drove the shortest distance! One guy flew in from California!

I was glad to finally see the sun.

The studio was a really nice setup.

The day consisted of a morning of Miceal Mentler lecturing, then we spent the afternoon drawing. Micheal would look over our drawing and make corrections and suggestions. Here he is lecturing on interlocking the forms of the figure.

Part of the lecture on Micheal's system for drawing the head.

Using shapes to build the figure.

Creating the figure using line, shape or tone.

In the afternoon, we drew from a model, Laura Garabedian . She's an athletic girl into rock climbing and dance. Also, she's a pretty good artist. You can check out her work at She had a great attitude and that makes a big difference in a model.

Here are some of Micheal's figure drawings.

And here are some of mine. Over the course of the weekend, I drew about 30 drawing like these. I was very happy with what I learned and I would recommend TSOFA to anyone who wanted to learn to draw the figure better. I will go back as soon as possible.