Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Rat

At the Dallas Comicon I went to a portfolio review with Ape Entertainment They were in a room with a huge wipeboard on the wall and they asked artists to draw on it. This is what I drew.

TOMS Shoes

Recently, I was picked by Tom shoes to be one of the local artists during their 'Style Your Sole' event here in Oklahoma City. If you're in Okc, come by Zumiez in Penn Square mall on June 9th from 1 to 6 and check it out!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

3D Abe Lincoln

I've been working in Zbrush at work. I've done a few projects (that I can't show) but here is a quick portrait of Abraham Lincoln I did just to practice.

At the library

Saturday morning I took my sketchbook to the library and spent a little time doing some drawing from life..
So I found a comfortable place to sit with an interseting view.

Work in progress.

I took about an hour, but here's the finished art.

I've been drawing on Thursday nights with a group of skater/graphitti guys at a local t-shirt shop. I did some sharpie drawings of them last Thurs. not the sort of thing I normally do, but whatever...