Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kansas City planet Con

Last weekend i went to the Planet Comic Con in Kansas City. I 'm always trying to attend more cons, but this can get expensive. Kansas City is only a 6 hour drive from Oklahoma City, so we (D. L. Nelson, Wayne and I) decided to got. Split 3 ways it only cost us $65 bucks each.

Kansas City is a nice town. One amazing thing is all the comic talent in Kansas City. Matt Fraction, B. Clay Moore, Tony Moore, Jeremy Haun and several more all live in KC.

The con was actually fairly small, but there was a ton of pros there. I showed my Monster Hunter pages around and reveiws were pretty good. Several people gave me some good advice and most seemed to think I was headed the right direction.

I also met Phil Hester. Turns out Phil lived for 2 years (7th & 8th grade) in my hometown of Yukon, Ok. He didn't got to my school, but it was cool sharing a background like that. He spent a lot of time talking to me and giving me advice. He even challenged me to loosen up on my backgrounds and gave me a 'challenge' to help me.

One last thing; Kansas City has several Half Price Books, my favorite bookstore. I bought a cool Richard Estes book!