Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After hanging out with CB, I've been inspired to produce my own comic this summer. This is the look I am going for, kind of an old school zip-a-tone effect.

The drawing was done with some pens I bought in NYC last week in my sketchbook. The zip-a-tone was done by a secret method I've developed.

Talking to CB was very inspiring, like I said, he urged me to produce a comic. I am planning on doing Iron Tiger, an old school kung-fu comic. The look is going to be similar to this drawing, but not quite as loose.

Right now the plan is to draw the entire comic in my sketchbook, so if you see me in San Diego and ask nicely, you should ba able to read my entire comic in my sketchbook.

I'm not 100% sure how many pages Iron tiger is going to be, but right now it looks like it'll be 32.

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