Tuesday, August 16, 2005


ahem, er. Today's my birthday.

When I was a kid birthday's were pretty cool. You had a party and a bunch of kids came over. Even when I got older they were still pretty cool.

A few years ago, when Michelle was in school and we were to poor to vacation properly, I ALWAYS took my birthday off and did something cool.

This year with us going to Disney World and me to the SD Comicon I'm down to 36.81 hours of vacation and when you 'tolerate' your job that's not enough to just throw around so I had to go in today.

(Okay, to be 100% honest I am taking off 2 days next week since Michelle is off all week. We are going to the zoo Monday and Thursday night we are going to Wichita to see Michelle's Grandparents. Plus there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Wichita we are going to tour!)

The crappy part about today is Michelle had to go to Tulsa for a meeting and didn't get home until 8:00. The good thing is Mom and Dad took me out to eat.

The day passed without a mumer at work, kind of a bummer I didn't even get a card!

Heck, now that I think about it I didn't get a card in the mail. I guess since most of my grandparents have passed (of 3 sets of grandparents, only my Dad's Dad is here) it's not the same.

Kind of depressing.

It used to bum me out on my birthday to think about where my 'career' is. When I was in art school I dreamed about some kind of cool art job designing albums or book covers. Since I have the misfortune of living in an area where art jobs are kinda rare, I ended up working for an awards company. I have kind of adjusted to that and sometimes I get to actually DRAW something. Of course, now I'm in the Tool & Die dept where I'm drawing manufacturing art for rings. Yawn!

That's why I draw my webcomic. It may be a lot of work and my NEVER get published, but I really enjoy it and I think I'm making progress.

Through it all I DO believe God has a plan for me and ultimatly it will All work out!

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